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The Real Estate Brokerage for Today and Tomorrow

The future of real estate is here with Fairday. We believe the future is one in which the power is in the hands of the agents and our clients so there is full transparency for all. Technological advances have streamlined the business but the economics for agents remain the same as they were decades ago. Fairday is here to change that. We provide our agents access to the same technology platforms as the other mainstream brokers but with a reinvented commission structure. This empowers our agents to adapt the services they offer for each particular situation and to charge a commission that is fair for each transaction. Technology is changing the way business is conducted and Fairday agents will be well-positioned to capture new businesses and take their careers to the next level.

Fairday Realty offers our agents:
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Fair Commissions:

A reinvented commission structure that finally favors the agent, regardless of sales production levels

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The power to run your own business, negotiate your own commissions with your clients, and invest your money where you see fit

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Robust Technology Package:

Access to the same level of technology available from the mainstream brokers

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Business Building Support

An active network with broker-provided leads, referrals, and ongoing bonus incentives for agent recruiting

We are actively searching for like-minded, entrepreneurial agents and would love the opportunity to show you how we can put more money in your pocket and help you get to the next step in your career.