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Looking to rent a home? Fairfield County’s rental market offers numerous opportunities to those in search of a rental home.

Houses for rent in Darien CT: Why it’s a good idea

  • Flexibility – If your job or lifestyle requires you to relocate often, then renting is a great option. It gives you more flexibility, allowing you to move quickly as your lifestyle and career preferences change. You can also easily make changes to your living arrangements if you need to adjust your budget.
  • Maintenance – It is the landlord’s responsibility to make repairs or replacements, taking the load off your shoulders. If the faucet is leaking, or if the furnace stops working, it is up to the landlord to take action.
  • Financial freedom – You’ll have more financial flexibility because you are not tied down to monthly mortgage payments. Your expenses will also be more predictable. Since it’s not your job to do repairs and replacements, you’ll have fewer emergency expenses to deal with.
  • Less stress – When you buy a home, you are financially exposes to any increases or decreases in property values. The capital you invest in a home by way of the down payment and monthly mortgage payments also reduces your capacity to change course. With renting, you don’t assume the same level of risk.

Types of properties for rent

Fairfield County’s rental market consists of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos (detached or part of a multi-unit building). With so many options, choosing is the hard part.

The options available will depend on the particular area you’re looking in as well. Stamford’s rental market, for example, is dominated by apartments and condos in multi-unit buildings, while Darien’s is defined by single-family home rentals.

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